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360 ° rooftop view



Nights are hot, sunsets are radiant and drinks always taste better when sipped in the sky.  The roof top with a 360° view, is exclusive for in-house guests during their stay, willing to chill-out and relax at the pace of the wave, the sea breeze,... in “Island mode”.  


If anything has the power to make one pause for a moment and consider that life didn't turn out so bad, it's our panoramic view of the Bonavista bay accompanied by the carbonated nostril-tickle of a favorite beverage as it's lifted above the horizon and drawn into the gullet.


Cool Vibes Beach House is hosting Yoga sessions on-demand, offering the amazing view on the Bonavista bay, the Japanese peace pagoda and the Japan-Lanka peace temple. You can energize yourself and enjoy a wide variety of yoga, meditation classes suitable for all practitioner levels. The sessions are designed to support a holistic experience and promote a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit.

The rooftop is also designed for late afternoon Happy Hour Sunset, sip a cocktail or a local cinnamon tea, observing the late surfers on the waves, enjoying the view of the Buddha and the wanderlust green nature.  Music is your soul!

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