Our's is the story of 2 families who have been living and working across the globe for over 10 years and whose paths eventually crossed in Dubai. A mutual passion for travelling, cooking and hospitality management gave birth to our project of opening a guest house together. It was clear to all of us that it had to be Sri Lanka! Offering some the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, Sri Lanka and the wonderful people who live there, offer a unique mix of nature, sport and history for visitors who expect a bit more from their holiday experience. The country has an engrained welcoming culture and visitors return home with special and unforgettable memories.   ​


The team is composed of two families: 

Alain, Barbara, Zoe and Leo are Swiss and have travelled the world, growing as people (and as a family), country by country. Understandably, they love all types of world cuisine.

Quentin, Pascaline, Alix and Charline come from Belgium and are all passionate about hospitality and discovering other cultures; they are forever planning their next trip.

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About us


The Ladies

Pascaline & Barbara  

Design & Guest Experience

The Boys

Alain & Quentin

Entertainment & Cooking Experience

The Kids

Léo, Charline, Alix, Zoé 

Fun Experience

The Project Manager& Friends

Dulip, Jaipabu & Jesadu

The Girls

Alix, Charline, Zoé 

Fun & Surf Experience

The Boy


Fun & Surf Experience



Our restaurant and Suite interiors have been designed to marry comfort and practicality with modernity. Our interior decor is contemporary, with clean, simple lines and fabrics punctuated with splashes of colour provided by local and locally-inspired arts and crafts.  


Our inside spaces, in harmony with their outdoor environment, give you that ‘at one with nature’ feeling whilst providing all the hygiene and conveniences of modern living. We have tried to think of all those practical little details that make your holiday accommodation work both as a living space and an attractive and a peaceful haven during your stay with us.